Our Philosophy


Responsive and reciprocal relationships with children, parents and whanau. Confident learners provides an intimate family like environment with family realtionships are being nurtured and respected. We are interested in creating a community where parents and children feel comfortable and supported and can thrive. We have an open door policy where parents are welcome to spend time with their child.

The encouragement & nurturing of tuakana /teina relationships between the older & younger children


Central to our philosophy is the well-being of the both the child and their family. We believe that this is a strand of strength that embodies everything we do. We provide an environment that fosters warm and respectful relationships, where all children are able to develop a sense of belonging and trust knowing they are in a safe and secure environment


We embrace and promote New Zealand’s dual heritage through all aspects of our centre. Whether it be singing the National Anthem, talking to the children in Te Reo or fostering relationships through our Whanau programme, we believe it is critical for all children to respect and understand our Dual Heritage. We value the collaborating whanau aspirations and empower children to learn about and treasure their own as well as other cultures. We celebrate our differences and value what we learn from each other.

Stimulating Environment

Our philosophy is based on child-led learning. We consider the environment to be the third teacher. It’s a place where innate curiosity, wonder, respect and discovery take place to enrich imagination and creativity, and to drive children’s interests. We support children’s  learning through providing an environment for your child to flourish


We believe that each child is unique, astounding and powerful being that deserves to be cherished and respected.  They establish their own learning agenda’s and through encouragement and development, achieve their goals. We hope to inspire a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for their physical and natural environment. We hope to support children’s inquisitive imagination and curiosity through actively listening and responding to their strengths and interests. We believe that all children naturally carry vast amounts of knowledge; therefore they are trusted, capable and encouraged to take lead of their own learning. We empower them to become critical thinkers, building upon their own working theories through drawing upon past knowledge and the direct interactions that they have with the environment and people around them. We encourage the children to challenge their cognitive abilities make discoveries, investigate and take risks in a safe learning environment. We aim to foster dispositional learning and to develop lifelong skills and values of respect, trust, empathy, co-operation and independence.  We believe in celebrating the efforts of our children.