Holly B

My children have attended Confident Learners since 2019. I chose here because it was close to home and affordable, but mostly because I got a good feeling when I visited.

It is a small centre which I think gives it a family like atmosphere. The teachers are friendly and caring. The resources are rotated regularly to provide a stimulating environment. I also like that children are encouraged to spend time outside. Whenever I am dropping off or picking up, we are always welcomed and farewelled and the general vibe of the centre and kids is a happy one.

The teachers have gotten to know my children well and support their development in socialising, play and learning. At home, the kids sing songs that they have learnt, and tell me new things about other cultures and stories of what they did that day, it’s great!

We are very happy with our decision for our kids to attend Confident Learners, and would definitely recommend it. A big thank you to them!